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Rechnungs Checker 1.0.4

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Just a few days after Rechnungs Checker’s previous update, here comes the next one.

Rechnungs Checker icon. It features support for a new file format. Namely online itemised phone bills by the German subsidiary of O2. The changes needed to support that weren’t too many as their files are in ‘csv’ format – the same format we supported so far. The funny thing was, though, that while I thought that ‘csv’ is an abbreviation for ‘comma separated values’, which made sense for the files by Deutsche Telekom, in O2’s files, the commas are pipes (i.e. |). Not hard to program for these, but fun to notice.

That said, the support for the new file format isn’t very well tested yet. I’m not a O2 customer, so I only had a very short file by a user and few longer ones which I got from my brother to go by. And even those files – by the same company – had differences. Let’s hope nothing bad happens…

And if O2 could perhaps pay me a few million Euros to do some ‘consulting’ to them then I’ll recommend that they get a proper name again. I was tempted to do the subscript thing in my readmes and so on. But it completely messes the line spacing and makes things look crappy.

December 6, 2004, 1:03

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