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よしみ is back!

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Hooray, finally my iPod is back. The case had opened slightly and a repair was suggested to fix that. That was supposed to happen before christmas but due to excellent UPS work, shipping the thing only happened a bit afterwards. I guess it also took a bit longer because of the engraving which I wanted back. And in fact, while I sent the thing off to Holland to be fixed, it seems to have returned from Taipei.

And it seems like Apple didn’t just fix the case but replaced the whole machine - at least the hard drive was empty when it came back. Perhaps they have some fancy recycling thing going on there where the good components of broken iPods are collected and reassembled? That might be more efficient than keeping track of everything. Luckily I had made a backup – which, frankly, is a complete pain in the ass if you’re using ‘manually managed’ iPod contents as I do. Indeed, this mode is very uncomfortable and Apple’s software should be much better in supporting it and making the files on the drive visible for making backups.

As I had sent it in for repair from my parents’ house, it was returned to their place as well – slightly inconveniently, but you can’t change the shipping address when things take longer than you expect them to take. At least that allowed my dad to actually restore my backup (which I had simply put on his underutilised Powerbook drive), so the iPod returned here in good working order. Well, at least it’s scratch free, which is cool. I hope the battery is in as good a shape as my old one was.

I assume it’s a good sign to still be happy to have the toy back after having had it for a year.

P.S. Resyncing the iPod with iSync once more revealed how buggy that piece of software still is after a few years of existing. First, it just spawned error messages which I had to fix by removing and re-adding the iPod from iSync’s list (I assume that Apple may be using a ‘high-tech’ identification procedure for the iPod such as looking at its name?) and then on the first sync, I am getting an error message which I can’t quite understand. It looks like it’s trying to tell me that it wants to ‘update’ more than 10 contacts on my computer… after syncing it to a read-only device… for the first time. Crap.

January 25, 2005, 0:20

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