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Shaun of the Dead

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Shaun of the Dead, was labelled to be A romantic comedy. With zombies. I don’t like comedies, much less romantic comedies. And I dislike zombies as well. So, from that basis, the film is quite good in making fun of all those genres. It’s funny but not exceedingly funny.

And the things that are funny in the film seem to be the little details rather than the main story, which is of the standard ‘keep girlfriend, kill zombies’ type. But those details were worked out rather nicely: The guy sitting in a bus or walking down a street between people who look like zombies but are still normal. The guy zapping through TV channels on each of which there is a report about the zombie problem. But zapping at a speed at which he doesn’t get it. The fact that the remaining zombies are used for McJobs and TV shows after the problem is over and that his best friend – who became a zombie as well – is just locked up in a barn in the garden, playing video games all day just as he did before…

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January 7, 2005, 1:05

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Comment by drunkenbatman: User icon

I knew nothing of the movie going into it, so I was really pleasantly surprised… it just reeked with quality, but on a low budget, and there was just this sense of ‘fun’, where you had the impression from the actors that they were aware this was probably the coolest thing they’d ever do, so they might as well have a ball with it.

January 17, 2005, 22:21

Comment by Charlie: User icon

you are fucking stupid…….. that is the funniest movie ever……… it is great to see a funny comedy outside of the bullshit known as hollywood, they are so full of yes men who do nothing but give full swallow blow jobsw, just to keep afloat…. this is the best film ever, and it is a great British film…

August 31, 2005, 19:30

Comment by gfhgfhgfhf: User icon

You should not like shuian of the deas, it was written by serial killers, the plot of the film, was the idea, do noy be a nice person, be a horribvle person, tthe hiorrible neo nazi, who wrote it is scum, the plot was claiming that every body who goes to work, or who sits around doing nothing is a zombie, and that only arrogant scumbags who buully people are individuals, in the move he has a bizarre hatred of men who wear glasses, wnating to paint them as wimps, while the star is about as brave as bruce willis, the republican party movie actor, who refuses to go on aeroplanes, is presented as brave, when he has never done anything brave he just bullies, people in a neo-nazi way, yopu shopuld hate the movie, he kills, people, and they claim that people who do certain jobs are zombies, how can sociry be good, when there are scum with views like thta, they are the kind of horrible people who go around feeling sorry for themselves, really talkative, while hating and insulting others, I can only say no woder there is such high crime, when arrogant, and hoopefully a society that likes horrible scum like that will not succeed

October 13, 2005, 18:47

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