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This morning the doorbell rang and I was told that there’s parcel for me. I opened the door and waited for the post(wo)man to come up. But instead it rang again and I was told to come down. That was a bit strange. I turned out that it wasn’t the post(wo)man who rang but the Asian woman from the porn video store next door. Apparently the UPS guy had left my parcel with her. And I could indulge in going to her store (and being amused that perfectly ordinary looking people are standing there comparing the virtues of different DVDs in the morning) and picking up the parcel.

Also, we’re having a different postman (for the normal post, not UPS) these days. As a consequence, mail doesn’t arrive at nine in the morning but an hour or two later, which isn’t nice. He also likes to place larger items on the communal staircase rather than at least trying to fit it into the mailboxes. That way I learned that the christian girls who live below us aren’t only annoying because they play the guitar and sing along to it with an open window at eight in the morning, but they also seem to order rather suspicious looking merchandise from sectarian looking senders in the U.S.

I was also expecting my Adam Green tickets (finally) which were sent by registered mail that the postman is supposed to deliver in person. But the bastard simply put one of those little “pick it up at the post office tomorrow” notes in our mailbox. He didn’t even try to ring our bell. I guess I’ll complain about that when picking the tickets up tomorrow. (And I hope that the new guy’s only a holiday replacement, rather than a permanent one.) Among the items that the postman had dumped on the staircase, there was also a letter for the porn shop next door. It was wrongly addressed, sure, but you don’t need to be too smart a postman to figure out where it should go, do you? So I dropped it there, to return the favour.

So, yup, I’ve been over to the porn store twice before going to work…

February 10, 2005, 10:55

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