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Sock mystery

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You know those stories that washing machines actually ‘eat’ socks just to make sure you’re upset? I don’t believe they’re true, yet I trie to always buy several pairs of the same socks to be on the safe side. However, recently, I started having the impression that there are quite a few stray single socks in my drawer. But, I figured out, that this was probably just due to me just throwing them in there, not making sure the pairs stay together.

After last weekend’s laundry fun I decided to try and sort those socks out today. At the end of the procedure I had nine single socks left, some of which definitely aren’t mine. How could that happen? Are those rumours true after all? And do the washing machines insert the socks they steal into other people’s washing at times?

Photo of Nine Stray Socks

February 23, 2005, 2:56

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Comment by dan: User icon

Ahh, poor lonely socks. Maybe you could send them here to see if they could make any friends…

February 23, 2005, 13:00

Comment by Zigganara: User icon

OOOoOoOoO gooodness…u guys….???? ooOoOo my god….. love it love it love it.. i’m not even sure of how i got on to this site, but ROCK ON!!!!

April 12, 2005, 23:30

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