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Bambi dinner

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We indulged in the food department to start off the easter weekend. Jan-Philipp had managed to secure a kid deer’s back from some guy who’s into hunting and we made a meal around that.

We started with a simple soup made of fresh vegetables, including a lot of leek and celeriac. Personally I’d have loved to have some of those fun letter shaped noodles in there but we didn’t have any, so it was just the soup with a bit of a parmesan, olive oil and garlic mixture to spice it up. Quite nice – particularly because it really smelled and tasted like the fresh vegetables that we put into it.

The second course was a salad of the dark green variety. Spiced up with some crushed walnuts and snippets of grape and some balsamico and (not quite enough) olive oil as a sauce. Very simple but very nice.

Then came little Bambi’s course. The meat of that little back was so tender that we were tempted – several times – to just devour it while it was still raw in the kitchen. Unbelievably tender. Finally it ended up being fried a bit, though, before we served it in what ended up looking like too small servings. It was accompanied by some cooked green beans and a sauce. The sauce was fantastic as well. We used some of the soup and let little Bambi’s spine cook in it for a while. It just had a perfect taste and people could be seen to eat up the remaining sauce with bread after the meat was finished.

Finally we had dessert. This was my responsibility (as all the other people typically aren’t too enthusiastic about the sweet stuff). I chose another dish from the new Jamie Oliver book for this: Pears cooked in wine with walnuts. It just fit the whole meal perfectly and wasn’t too sweet, meaning that even the dessert non-appreciaters might like it. While the pears ended up being a bit too hard, the taste was delicious in everyone’s opinion. Red wine, walnuts pears and a little crème fraîche just went along perfectly. To be done again.

Enjoy photos of frying the meat, boiling the sauce, the served third dish and the served dessert. Sadly things always look a bit harsher and worse on those photos than they actually were.

Four photos from cooking and serving those dishes

March 24, 2005, 23:59

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