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As little as I like doctors, I went to see my orthopedist today because of pain in my back. This pain wasn’t actually new, I think I’ve been having pain of some sort in my back since I left school. It’s related to sitting at desks a lot, I suppose. However, recently that pain had been worse and I started worrying. And with all friends being full of contradictory advice for this problem, I thought seeking an expert’s advice might actually help.

And – surprisingly – it did. The first good news was that my back is just normal with no permanent problems being there. Then I got quite a lengthy explanation about how sitting around is a rather unnatural thing for the human body and that it causes all sorts of problems. Particularly with people sitting around a lot these days. The doctor was nice enough to tell me that sitting isn’t inherently bad though and that I shouldn’t be scared of doing it…

As for the recent pains around my shoulder, things were indeed a bit tense there. And the doctor did a few of those strange tricks where they pull your arms and move your head and magically my bones (or muscles?) made a lot of rather scary noises but the tenseness vanished almost completely just then. That’s quite cool. And it didn’t even hurt. I wonder whether these things are potentially dangerous or whether you can learn to do them yourself (for friends). Going to see a doctor just for moving your arms around a bit seems to be overdoing it a bit.

March 31, 2005, 0:53

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