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Strand Day 13, UCT

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My visit’s end is coming near quickly and yet I was away from the beach for another day. The day started with a lot of broken things: we had to manually open the garage gate, a few traffic lights weren’t working (I tend to think that the UI with traffic lights is quite cool: When they work properly you only pay attention to them, but when they’re broken you automatically see the stop signs which you don’t notice at all when the lights are working…) on our way to Stellenbosch. Arriving there the electric that let you onto campus didn’t have power either and nobody with a car could get in or out.

Once we had arrived there, we met the other students and were set for a trip to the University of Cape Town, UCT. While I’ve been there many times before, dropping off or picking up my dad, this was the first time that I actually got to stay there for a day. And while the first impression wasn’t too good as they seem to be giving out more parking permits than they have parking spaces, this was quickly covered up by the fact that the university is extremely nicely situated – above the town with a good view onto it and that it has nice old ivy-covered buildings all over the campus which seemed quite cool.

Looking onto the city over the roof of the UCT maths department

After arriving there we had lunch and then there were talks all the way through the afternoon. With the category theorists talking I felt a bit like an applied mathematician for a change…

Just before sunset we went to Clifton beach for a picknick there. That’s a very nice thing to do. The beaches have very soft sand and are rather protected from the wind. They’re also facing west, so you have perfect view of the sunset.

Sun setting at Clifton Beach

March 14, 2005, 23:55

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