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Strand Day 14

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My penultimate day in Strand. Not a tremendously exciting one, I have to admit. After walking at the beach, we had to drop my dad at university and then just drove around Stellenbosch, having lunch at a wine farm and later some cake at another one. It was a tremedously hot day with no wind at all for a change. So every move was a bit strenuous.

At night we were invited for dinner with some of my dad’s colleagues. Let’s just say that being significantly younger than half the average age of all the people around didn’t make this more fun. Let me also mention that it probably takes a mathematician to make a lot of fuss about serving wine to all the guests in the right order but wearing sandals and over-sized short trousers while doing that.

They also had an 1890s printing of the 1875 edition of Encyclopædia Britannica at the house. It needs almost the same shelf space as the last edition they printed in 2003. (But the new one has significantly thinner paper.) Old encyclopædiæ just look cooler.

March 15, 2005, 23:36

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