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This morning I felt really tired and sore. That may be because of the wine I had with Alain yesterday but it felt more like it’s from being in the sun too much. Little sunburns have developed in all the places that didn’t get enough protection. So I made sure to get better protection before going outside today. As it wasn’t even windy at all, this was before having breakfast on the balcony…

yellow umbrella There I ate below the cheap sunshade that we found in the flat. It looked nice, colourful and shiny in the sun and I guess this was my home-made low-cost Christo-moment for this year, seeing that New York was just too much out of the way and I couldn’t have the real thing.

I found my walk on the beach more strenuous than the other days today. I think I’ve gotten a little cold. Which left me feeling drowsy and still hasn’t gone away. So I kept this a slow day. And a rather unsuccessful one. Even our trip to the local mall to buy some food was in vain as the store had closed at five already because it is Saturday. Luckily we still found a small local store to solve that problem.

Bird on top of the neighbour's chimney Eating dinner on the balcony later on, it was nice to the nicer light of the sunset light the other buildings and the sea. It also lit a chimney on our house which is decorated with the typically South African chimney bird – a metal bird that turns with the wind to ensure that the wind doesn’t go into the chimney and the smoke can come out.

During dinner a power outage occurred. That’s not particularly unusual but my mom first thought we had run out of credit on the pre-paid electricity – everything seems to be pre-paid in South Africa these days: my parents both have pre-paid mobile phones here, we’ve got a pre-paid landline phone for the internet connection and even pre-paid electricity with a little device that displays the remaining credit and can be topped up. That approach is certainly handy for all the provider companies. Yet it’s a bit strange. Anyway, we hadn’t run out of credit, but noticed that all the buildings around us didn’t have any power either. As the sun had just set, it was quite funny to see those dark buildings amidst the other ones with more and more lights coming on.

March 5, 2005, 23:28

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