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Göttingen is in the 370xx range of postal codes. When I first moved here I lived right in the city centre, enjoying the best possible, symmetric and palindromic post code you can have here, 37073. Map of Göttingen with postal code zones After coming back from England I lived further out and didn’t expect to have the nice post code again. But I was fairly upset when I discovered that all the other houses next to ours did have the 37073 post code, just we had 37075.

It’s like … a bummer! I was tempted to say. These days I’m living right at a postal code border as well, but those are different postal codes anyway, so it doesn’t matter. And at least my departement is in the 37073 region.

What keeps bugging me, though, is that I can’t remember my own postal code, 37083. Probably because I don’t have to use it all that often. And with most of my friends having moved around town in past year I can’t remember their post codes either. A bit messy, particularly when iSync refuses to put their addresses into your iPod.

April 28, 2005, 2:08

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