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Black Apple

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As we all know, Apple are getting a thing or two right, when it comes to computer-related stuff. What really surprised people positively, for example, was that they try to actively work towards equipping the world with standards compliant (gee, I love that word because it’s so close to ‘complaint’) browsers.

Screenshot of Apple's 200+ page, partly loaded. When I looked at their claimed number of new features in OS X.4 I already noted that those pages load really slowly. I didn’t even mention that they are wider (or with more non-negotiable left margin) than they used to be – not fitting into my preferred browser window width anymore.

So far so bad. But – thanks to our somewhat slow and unreliable network connection at home – seeing their page fail to load completely, makes their designers look somewhat dumb. Black text on a black background just because an image file didn’t load isn’t what most people consider informative, useful, legible or smart web design.

At least I can’t complain about them claiming to have gazillions of ‘new’ features now.

April 18, 2005, 2:54


Comment by Clint Ecker: User icon

From your screenshot it looks like you need to clear your cache and refresh the site to get the new CSS file. It definitely should not look like that.

Hope it helps!

April 18, 2005, 3:42

Comment by ssp: User icon

As I said, it’s just a problem of the page not loading completely. I think the white background on the page is an image. And if that image isn’t loaded you end up with black text on a black background.

That’s why any CSS guide tells you that you have to make sure your color and background properties always offer enough contrast.

April 18, 2005, 11:13

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