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I’m not sure what music television looks like in other countries now. I assume that they stopped playing music as well and do mostly dating shows these days. And in between there are ads. Here in Germany most ads are for phone ringtones. A business in which every single participant is a crook. The phone manufacturers producers who don’t make it easy for people to get whatever sounds they like on their phones, the phone networks who want to charge people excessively to transfer a tiny amount of data, the ringtone sellers who want more for a horribly sounding midi ripoff of Axel F or even worse eighties pop than you’d pay for a proper song on a CD or off an online store, the ringtone peddlers again for not selling ringtones but ringtone subscriptions to clueless teenagers, the ringtone dealers again for putting loads of ads for their crap op tell, the television stations for broadcasting those ads and last but not least – and capitalistically even most – the stupid teenagers who buy the crap and make sure I’ve got to see gazillions of those ads.

A single ad or two would be annoying because of their sound and the hideous graphics they use – the business seems to hire all the 3D computer animators who weren’t good enough to get worthwhile jobs. But in some blocks they have like ten or twenty or even a million of those ads in a row, even with repetitions of the same one. And most of them are by the same company. It’s just sickening.

And the newest and stupidest thing they have is the ‘Löschlogo’ – the ‘delete logo’. I don’t know much about mobile phones but apparently there can be some text on your screen which might just cover up the fancy background graphics you just bought. Buying that brilliant ‘logo’ will ‘delete’ that text. What a horrible pile of crap! Probably for a Euro a shot or so.

Easily enraged – me?

While the companies that are selling the mobile phone crap don’t sell anything else I really think that we should use ads to discourage us from buying stuff as well, just to make up for the (apparent) fact that people buy stuff because they like ads. Don’t like the ad – don’t buy the product. Of course this is almost impossible in some cases (Nutella being in some relation to the German football association but my addiction being too strong to stop buying it) and pointless in others (as a non-smoker, I can ‘boycott’ cigarette companies for their Formula-1 support, but its a rather pointless exercise) but in some cases you could just buy a different yoghurt if you found an ad memorably annoying, say.

May 19, 2005, 23:09

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