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Nice for a visit

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This weekend Richard came over from Groningen for a change of environment – a change of small town if you wish. Despite just being a little bit larger than Göttingen, Groningen seems more vivid and attractive – particularly if you’re into music.

The weekend was spent going out – with thankfully there being two acceptably good nights on this weekend, to make Göttingen look better than it is – recovering from that, having coffees and food, discovering that Richard whom I’ve known for years doesn’t eat meat and thus needed a separate Lasagne, making a really nice salad thanks to nice mushrooms and rucola, listening to a lot of music, playing with cameras and flashes, watching the ‘best of’ special of Sarah’s show on video, making plans for going to Haldern again this year.

Salad and Two Lasagnes

Other pastimes included being disappointed by iTunes and the Clorox Girls who had given Richard a ‘free song’ voucher which only works in the US. Wasn’t this digital globalised world supposed to be working for our convenience? And then we went through my iTunes library to confirm the suspicion that my music taste is essentially racist and sexist – with those words meaning that most band members are white guys. After a bit of counting we concluded that it’s just racist…

And Göttingen is nice – if you’re just visiting.

May 23, 2005, 18:20

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