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Last week our flat got its third iPod. We now have one iPod of each kind. In a ‘because we can’ spirit I gathered all the iPods and connected them to my Powerbook at the same time.

Three iPods connected to computer

The new iPod is the shuffle one. It’s the first time I saw and touched one of those for real. I was surprised at how light it is. I also thought it doesn’t feel as solid as I’d like it to – a bit cheap even with the little thing around the battery light on the back looking like it might fall of. While I liked the ‘click’ noise when putting the cap on, I thought it could be a bit more solid. The plastic feels really soft as well. Probably it’ll scratch as easily as the large iPods or even go out of shape more quickly.

Three iPods mounted in the Finder

I thought the sound from the iPod shuffle was quite a bit crisper than that from my iPod, which was quite surprising. Another thing I really liked was that the iPod shuffle automatically pauses when you unplug the headphones. When playing with it on my computer I also noticed that using USB-1 with such a device is so not fun that you shouldn’t do it. Those other iPod were also the first Windows iPods I got my hands on. Their hard drive volumes showed up in all capital letters which I found rather ugly. I thought that those dumb names were a relic of the MS-DOS era and things had improved considerably since.

iTunes sources list, in a well filled state iTunes handled the three iPods fine, by the way, and in the iPod preference pane the bit displaying the iPod’s name just turned into a popup menu that lets you select which of the iPods you want to set up. Nothing spectacular there.

May 24, 2005, 0:56


Comment by d.w.: User icon

I currently have a shuffle and a mini (bought for all the employees of our company on the occasion of its 20th birthday, which I thought was rather nice.)

I actually like to use the shuffle in the car — as it’s solid state, there’s no worry about jostled hard drives, and the lack of interface keeps one from (dangerously) futzing with it while in traffic.

It’s survived a handful of drops with no ill-effect, and, thanks to the world’s greatest electronics peripheral, it still looks pretty good after nearly six months of heavy usage.

May 24, 2005, 1:45

Comment by gummi: User icon

Another thing I really liked was that the iPod shuffle automatically pauses when you unplug the headphones.

My mini does the same, it’s probably a new feature in all the iPods.

And, the colour of the mini shows up in the icon. Both in iTunes and Finder ops. A small detail but nice, nonetheless.

May 24, 2005, 8:09

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