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Le Weekend

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Friday night Birgit invited me for dinner as a thank you creating her website. She likes the site now while I find it a bit uninspiring. Besides being a good opportunity to enjoy the power of Blosxom, this experience also taught me that it’s a very bad idea to agree to develop a web site together, rather than requiring people to say what they’d like to have and then offering a design afterwards.

Anyway, it was quite a fancy dinner in one of the supposedly better restaurants of the town, called Blaue Orange (Blue Orange). They offer a seven course meal which had so much food in it that I didn’t want to eat in the next 24 hours. Which is highly unusual for me. This being small town Germany rather than small town France, means that even the better meals on offer aren’t all that inspiring. While the food wasn’t bad – except for the sorbet they served for dessert which was too icy and which I’d manage to make myself at that quality without even trying hard – it wasn’t life-changing either.

Of the seven courses only two were quite good: The salad – which wasn’t blindingly original – but nicely done, with finely cut salad, some ham, some fruit and a fruity dressing. And the fish was quite good as well – a nice and firm fish, the name of which I forgot – on a bed of lentils with some other nice veg around it.

What I really didn’t like about the restaurant were their menus. Perhaps because I’m a graphics and typography freak. Let’s just say that using what looks like a cheapo rip-off of Zapf Chancery for the entire menu is painful. Add do that spacing so bad that you think they did it with MS Word and a few typos and it looks a bit unprofessional.

Saturday started a bit hung-over – as there were generous amounts of wine going with the menu – and I used that opportunity for enjoying the sun and doing some cleaning chores. Later I made banana muffins to take to the party we were going to later. The party was at the house of our former flatmate Wieland who moved to a huge house in the countryside with a number of people after shortly staying with us. And they’re having a large gathering each summer where about anybody they know is invited to spend the day in their huge garden, enjoying the food that people bring, playing games, having drinks – even listening to a live band this year.

It’s not completely my cup of tea as I knew about four people of the whole bunch and most people are a bit too ‘öko’ for my taste. But it’s still nice enough to go there. Going there was, in fact, part of the fun as the weather was really good and we went by bike past the green fields (and next to a federal road) for a bit more than ten kilometres. Coming to think of that distance, I realised that it must have been well over ten years since I last covered such a distance – which isn’t really all that long – by bike.

It’s not that I’ve got a car and go everywhere using that. I’ve only got the bike, in fact, and used the bus exactly once since I live in Göttingen. It’s just that Göttingen is so small that even distant places are less than five kilometres away.

After returning from that excursion, I quickly dropped in at my office – freaky for a Saturday night – to pick up the Powerbook along with my e-mail. Our internet connection at home via the university’s wireless network is pretty much hosed most of the time these days (apparently more and more wireless networks coming up increase the noise and thus decrease the connection quality – but I’m not sure that’s the only thing), so an ‘external’ source for e-mail is needed. Perhaps we should just give in an get a DSL line instead, so the internet can be a boring commodity again.

And after arriving home finally, The Dirty Dozen was on on telly. I hadn’t seen it before and thought it was a nice old-fashioned film. I quite like the way they slowly build the story in those older films. That’s never done in current ones.

June 19, 2005, 17:35

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