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Becoming Technophobic?

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Gee, high-tech stuff isn’t for me. Every electronic device I touch stops working or at least starts falling apart after a while. At least they don’t work too well. And actually it’s not just ‘high’ tech stuff exhibiting this behaviour but low-tech stuff as well.

This afternoon I visited Jan-Philipp who had finally returned from his holiday to (a) have him help me fix my Canon T-70 camera. That’s the low-tech item on this list, in fact, as it’s just the battery flap that doesn’t close properly anymore. So I first wanted to have it fixed. But as it goes with items that are a few decades old, getting a spare part or the whole thing fixed is easily more expensive than just buying another one on eBay. So I have to fix this myself. After it first broke, my brother fixed it with sticky tape, which worked well for a while. But – even after trying different kinds of tape – the tape just wouldn’t hold it for more than a few days now. So I decided to dig into Jan-Philipps experience and supplies of tools and tapes and use a more robust one. Right now the camera still works and is taped with isolation tape. Which also looks alright. Let’s hope that lasts.

Then, (b), my Powerbook’s power adaptor needed another fix. Ever since it first broke, its contacts keep getting loose and breaking off again after a few months. By now this is a routine action for Jan-Philipp to do. Fixed in under a minute, I’d say. I started considering to get myself a soldering iron so I can do this little repair myself in the future. (Of course, my Powerbook’s real problem still exists and remains a mystery. Right now it’ll crash whenever I move it around…)

Red, green and blue channels of a poorly scanned photo

Finally, (c), I borrowed Jan-Philipp’s scanner. It’s quite a cheap little USB Canon one. And I’ve used it before without too much trouble. I wanted to scan some old photos which I came across the other day. But the scans just look very crappy. There are visible stripes in there. The left half of the scanner has a different brightness than the right half. And the colours are nowhere close to what they look like on the prints. Pretty annoying, that.

Hopefully, scans of my first photos ever will follow anyway.

July 24, 2005, 0:03

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