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Random Point one: As we’ve moved our internet access to DSL lately, we’ve got plenty of old equipment from our long distance wireless connection to sell now. It includes a Wireless to Ethernet bridge, an outdoor antenna with connection cable and a wireless router. All the stuff cost almost €300 when we got it. What can we expect to get for it now? … And I’m not too keen on putting the stuff up on eBay as that just seems to be too much hassle – and because I’m not a criminal.

Random Point two: We played around some more with that new Google Earth stuff on my flatmate’s computer. While it’s not exactly rocket science – piecing images together and doing some 3D magic with it – nobody did it before, so it remains quite cool. It still needs a lot of work for stuff that doesn’t happen to be on the tiny portion of the earth known as the USA, but you can still spot quite a few things. I think I found one of the houses we lived in in Pretoria when I was little (I couldn’t find any online city map for Pretoria to confirm it, though) – finding things on a satellite image without street names is hard. Harder than actually going there which I did in spring, and finding places rather quickly. That completely new perspective just so doesn’t match what you see every day.

Random Point three: These new toys tools let us play new games. For example people quickly discovered that you can do fun stuff like look at airports (fairly easy to find even on Google maps) and see whether planes are taking off or something. While even Google world doesn’t display a scale with the images all the time – which it should – it does have a ruler feature which lets you measure things. So as a little game I suggest the following: What’s the airport with the longest runway that you know of? And what’s the one with the longest runway that you’ve used?

July 13, 2005, 0:05

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