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Railway station food

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On my way back to Göttingen today, I had the obligatory train change in Hannover once more. As I needed some food I gathered, I could just pick something up there. Unfortunately, the choice ranges all the way from Burger King to greasy pseudo croissants. I can walk past dozens of stalls and food outlets and just be disgusted by what they dare to sell… and dare to charge for it.

Weren’t the whole ‘capitalism’ and ‘supply and demand’ things claiming that if you have a ‘market’, people going through a railway station even being quite a sizeable one, those suppliers offering the better stuff should be able to beat those selling crap? Wasn’t that ‘market’ thing supposed to ensure that I get the best of all possible products at the best of all possible prices? Or was that just in the best of all possible worlds… which capitalism isn’t a part of?

Eventually I found a tiny shop for health food. They sold overpriced rolls and sweets which were all right.

On a completely different topic… are there any programs for (conveniently) repairing broken MP3 files? My flatmate has got some which iTunes and the iPod stop playing half-way through. Windows Media Player just pauses there for a moment and then plays on which sounds like a much more reasonable behaviour to me. But how can the files be repaired?

August 2, 2005, 2:14


Comment by d.w.: User icon

I’ve got this installed. I’ve never used it to fix an MP3, though apparently that is an option.

August 2, 2005, 16:34

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