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Five questions on writing that I saw on gurkenmarmelade and that are a bit unusual for the digital world. They’re about writing, manual writing that is.

What do you use for writing when you’re not using a keyboard?
Depending on my mood and what I’m writing I prefer using a pencil or my fountain pen. I really like the fountain pen but for random scribbling a pencil seems more appropriate. I also like some of the ‘gel’ pens which have a nice and soft feel when writing (unlike most roller balls or even biros). But the good ones, like the ‘G2’, are hard to find.
Do you prefer roller balls, fountain pens or biros?
Eek, I’ve answered that already. Fountain pens rule. Most biros suck, although I once had a really thin one that was great.
What did you use for writing when you were at school?
I used fountain pens. In primary school the Pelikano, then I had a black Lamy one. And finally I got a black Pelikan M250 which I am still using today. It’s not too big, looks good and is the most affordable fountain pen with a proper gold nib.
Was your spelling good in school or did your teacher mark everything red?
I think my spelling was pretty good. Can’t remember having any troubles because of it.
What do you write by hand? Letters, invitations, …?
I write most things by hand as it’s quicker than typing and printing. Personal letters and holiday post cards will be hand-written anyway. Invitations are mostly typed, though, as I usually try to get some nice photo or graphics in there as well and send them out by e-mail. Although I’ve even used hand ‘written’ text for invitations in the past…

September 19, 2005, 9:57


Comment by chad: User icon

Check out the mini fountain pen at JetPens

October 20, 2005, 5:13

Comment by Fountain Pen Lover: User icon

Fountain pens are not a necessity, no, but they’re hardly jewelry. REAL fountain pens (not the frighteningly expensive decorative clunkers that some pen manufacturers sell) are meant to be used; some are meant to look nice at the same time. Ballpoint pens are a poor substitute for a pen that glides over the paper without having to be pressed into the paper to get the ink out. BTW, Pelikan’s been selling an ink eradicator for years.

April 18, 2008, 0:34

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