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This is probably the nicest ad campaign I’ve seen in the past years. It’s rainy in Germany and when it rains people tend to cover the saddle of their bike with a plastic bag. Be it to prevent damage to nice leather saddles or to not get a wet butt when using the bike again. The low-fare airline HLX try to establish a ‘taxi’ image for themselves. And they made plastic bags with the text Too wet here? – Fly South from €20 printed on them upside down. On some rainy days they went across campus and put their bags on the saddles of people’s bikes. Useful, funny and readable.

Photo of the bag

September 13, 2005, 0:02

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Comment by Nicholas Riley: User icon

I just got back from biking home from school in a thunderstorm (that, of course, started a minute after I left); I’m completely drenched. Amusing that yours was the first weblog entry I read upon opening NetNewsWire :-)

September 20, 2005, 0:39

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