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Wireless networking is big by now. When Apple started offering the Airport option in their iBooks back in the late 1990s, it was one of the few technologies that people immediately considered to be cool. For sure, it wasn’t quite as useful back then for a lack of base stations, but just the fact that you didn’t need a cable and the nightmares that come with it to get network access made it very appealing.

And – as far as I can tell anyway – things worked out nicely. The technology improved over the years, gaining speed but staying backwards compatible. And base stations spread across cities. By now, I’m able to get a wireless network connection not only at home or at my parents’ place but also in the flats of most of my friends. That’s extremely convenient. Even if my friends don’t have a wireless network, it may still be possible to hitch a ride on one of their neighbours’ networks to quickly send an e-mail or do similar thing.

I got the Airport card for my old Powerbook back in 2002. And in the beginning it was cool to have, but I couldn’t use it all that frequently. As time went on it became my constant network connector with the network in our flat being wireless (doubly wireless even) since we moved last year and everybody else arriving in the wireless age as well.

With my Powerbook being sold now, I still had its now-useless Airport card to get rid of which I sold via the blatantly overpriced but utterly convenient service provided by Amazon. With those cards not being available anymore from stores, they buyer was happy to fork out €85 for the thing, of which I got a bit more than €70.

That card was probably the best bit of Apple Hardware I’ve bought in recent years. To begin with, it worked without problems at all times, which – unfortunately – is remarkable. And now that I’ve sold it, it cost me around €25 for the two and a half years I used it in. Bye bye my Airport card.

Airport card

December 2, 2005, 0:12

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