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I’ve been using an electric toothbrush for years. At some stage my dentist did a bit of complaining about my brushing and recommended to get an electrical brush. Which I did. And he’s been very happy with my teeth ever since. Apart from that, an electric toothbrush can also massage your gums which can be quite helpful. I quite like it.

Technically those brushes are quite cool because they’re charged using induction to avoid having to have electrical contacts exposed in the bathroom. On the other hand the charging really is a point that sucks about them because the battery is built in. Once it’s too old you’ll have to dispose the whole toothbrush. In fact you can remove the battery by breaking the case open. You’ll even have to do that as you’re not supposed to dump batteries in the trash with everything else. And the charger even has a cleverly built-in bit of plastic that lets you open the brush. But doing that is not reversible and you essentially have to get a new brush afterwards.

Which is exactly what I had to do once my battery didn’t even last long enough to brush my teeth once. So I grumbled, forked over the money and got a new one:

New and old electric toothbrush

Seeing them next to each other, demonstrates that the design changed quite a bit in the past years while the device still works the same. It looks like the early 2000s were much cleaner in their style while still feeling a bit chubby and looking a bit more solid. The mid 00s seem to start appreciating extra decorations once more, wanting things to look sleek and slightly flashy.

The chargers also changed. Somehow they must have changed internally as well, as the new brush won’t fit on the old charger (which would have meant I could have bought the brush only). And I can’t help but having think the new design is excruciatingly bad. It actually takes more shelf space than the old one. And if you fix it to the wall (which I haven’t), it’d surely look very strange and fragile.

Electric toothbrush chargers

December 5, 2005, 0:09

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