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Just to say it upfront. This isn’t meant to be a personal attack. Just a general pisstake that I like to document at an example. No personal grudges or anything. I just happened to come across that particular text at random and I happened to think it’s a nice example

Now that blogging has been industrialised and every magazine and corporation needs some bloggers of its own, things start being funny and new cultures develop. In the beginning blogging seemed to be about geekery, enthusiasm and a lack of spelling skills. But by now averageness has entered the game in a big way. People writing about mildly boring topics with a personal touch and better spelling than the average LiveJournalist.

And, most notably, for the benefit of clarity, these people are ‘bloggers’. Sure I have written this ‘blog’ for a few years but I’m not a ‘blogger’. Simply because it’s just a hobby. Similarly, I do drink but I don’t consider myself a ‘drinker’…

So, horray to the world of corporate bloggers! The good thing about this new ‘job description’ is that they can say funny things like this:

Snippet from another blog. Mentions VoIP bloggers.

Just ignoring for the moment that it’s a completely ridiculous idea to cry and run for your ambassador when you’re being screwed by a corporation in the wonderful field of capitalism, that snippet contains the wonderful reference to a fellow VoIP blogger. You see, once the job descriptions are in place, people can even specialise and have ‘colleagues’ in the game. Fantastic!

The other thing that keeps the cognitive dissonance alive is that those corporate bloggers are invariably middle-aged to old and seemingly overweight guys. In principle there’s nothing wrong about that. In fact, for research and reporting, more experienced people (not that anybody who is old is experienced in the area of his writing just by that…) will probably have more insights, better analyses and better writing skills to offer than your average self-taught teenager. But often when I read those bloggers, they just don’t have or use any of those skills. The topics they choose and the arguments they present are as drivelish and uninformed as those of your average teenager.

And while I can see how a teenager or a student can be upset on his private journal that, say, he didn’t get a new Playstation or XBox in time, or how they can be full of enthusiasm for their new mobile phones or other gadgets, I fail to understand how exactly the same topics and arguments are supposed to be adequate topics for an experienced commercial writer.

Relatedly, the same topic from a different, deeper, transient angle.

December 27, 2005, 1:56


Comment by Dave2: User icon

“…writing about mildly boring topics with a personal touch and better spelling than the average LiveJournalist.”

When people ask me to describe my blog, THIS is the brilliant description that I’ll be using from now on! Thanks Sven! :-)

December 27, 2005, 2:57

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