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Interesting telly tonight. First there were The Royal Tenenbaums which remains a fantastically odd film. And then Germany’s – or mine, anyway – favourite music television hostess, Charlotte Roche, resurfaces from a year of absence. She’s now doing some episodes of the music magazine Tracks on arte after the dream of music television seems to have died last year.

Of course the show was a bit more conservative than what she did before (e.g. her clothes were or the production skills of the crew) but we still got to see an absurd bit on Köln’s punk history (allegedly there wasn’t any but they played Anarchy in the UK towards the end), a bit on The Darkness (The melancholic clowns of neo-stadium-rock), some Babyshambles (Fuck forever is a boring song), integration, burning cars and hip-hop in France and Germany (good old multi-cultural culture telly), gays in China, an interview with one of the Sex and the city actresses (where Charlotte didn’t say much, really) and something about the British singer KT Tunstall. Interesting, but not overwhelming. Let’s see what’s on next month.

So while I’m being entertained otherwise, you can enjoy mindless ‘infographics’ on this site. You know, it’s more about looks than about content and nicely complements the recent Zeitgeist post.

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January 6, 2006, 1:01

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