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Three bears in the living room

I took this photo after christmas using a technique I read about. It features three teddy bears, all of which are actually the very same teddy bear 'Molly' who's living at my parents' house. And it's a real photo, Photoshop or similar tools weren't used.

The simple trick is to use a room that's completely dark, choose a very long exposure time and then use a torch to light the areas you want to be seen on the photo. I took the liberty of moving the teddy bear around while the torch was turned off, enabling me to create three Molly bears in the 30 second exposure time I had chosen.

Amusingly the lights of the houses across the street had just the right brightness to look good in the photo. Later on I re-did the photo with my parents who had to move around. But that's a bit harder as people shouldn't move while they're being lit by the torch. And that's just easier for teddy bears than it is for humans.

[Larger version of the photo on flickr.]

January 23, 2006, 0:13

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