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Text vs. Image

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I am easily irritated. One thing that keeps irritating me more and more is that I can read articles in the paper where a person or an object is described and also depicted. Just that often what you see in the picture doesn’t correspond to the photo next to it. Wouldn’t you expect the people doing the layout to keep an eye on that rather than just using whatever photos they have on hand? I would.

E.g. German weekly Die Zeit describing a guy wearing slightly torn light blue jeans and an overwashed T-Shirt:

shot from the article with the dubious bits marked

Or an article from the New York Times:

An article describing some button labels on a phone which are not seen on the photo

And while I was taking photos of newspapers, I also took one of this mug which changes its look when heated:

Article about the mug changing its look when heated according the rise of sea levels by global warming

I quite like that. It might even be better than my cherished Heinz Baked Beans mug which looks like a tin of beans when cold and just like baked beans when hot. (I don’t want to recall how many tins of baked beans I had to eat to benefit from that promotion effort… the only good thing is that baked beans to go off…}

January 24, 2006, 1:17

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