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Woke up this morning with a hell of a hangover (a friend’s PhD party and a visit to a club afterwards… it’s nice to know the DJs and them being like-minded enough to play Child Stars, err, Upon this Tidal Wave of Young blood at the end) , my bike standing at some lamppost downtown because its lock is frozen and no internet connection because our competent provider seems to have broken it in the process of upgrading us to a higher speed (as a bonus they haven’t replied to an e-mail yet and we aren’t willing to call their help line at a whopping Euro per minute where you’ll probably have to navigate through a complex menu to finally talk to a clueless moron).

To top things off my iPod’s battery ran out while I was shopping (the cold temperatures really seem to affect it, as they affect the headphones and the very cheap plastic their cables are made of). It’s fun that people assume you can’t hear them when you’re wearing headphones. It also means you can simply ignore them. The downside of the iPod not working was that I had to listen to the crappy 80s muzak they played in the supermarket.

But it’s sunny. Yet, about thirty degrees colder than where my mum is. Unfair.

January 28, 2006, 15:46

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