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This afternoon I indulged in the activities known as … cleaning – particularly removing dust. It’s amazing. Within just two or three weeks loads of dust can accumulate in my room and give unsightly grey things in the corners. Apparently this is because we have wooden floors where the dust can’t just settle into the carpet and wait until it’s hoovered out again but it’ll wander around until it finds more dust to stick to, gather in the corners or beneath my bed in groups and wait for me to clean it away. Which it did… so it’ll be fine again for another week or two.

While I was at it I finally removed the cobweb in the one corner of the room at the ceiling. This is a really odd thing with high rooms. While everybody likes living in them – and even pays for heating that extra metre at the top while freezing where you are – you hardly ever look up there… so you forget hoovering the cobwebs away as you don’t see them. Until you lie in bed and stare at the ceiling that is. Which in turn isn’t a situation where you’ll run, grab the vacuum cleaner and sort things out. Of course I discovered that there’s a little cobweb in the opposite corner of the room now after I had stowed away the vacuum again. Bummer.

February 13, 2006, 1:52

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