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Rechnungs Checker 1.0.10

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Rechnungs Checker icon. After quite a long period of quiet around Rechnungs Checker – almost a year since the previously advertised version 1.0.8 and still more than half a year since the stealth update to version 1.0.9, there finally is another update to the little tool. And not only that, but an update that takes us beyond the single digit version numbering straight to 1.0.10… something I’ve wanted to do ever since seeing it happen in some AppleScript update.

Of course that kind of version counting is silly, and things would look less ridiculous if I had just numbered versions as 1, 2, 3… or at least 1.0, 1.1, 1.2… but somehow I started things this way because it seems to be what everybody else does and never considered any new feature revolutionary enough to justify a big change of the version number.

So the version number changed but what else did? The main new feature is support for itemised phone bill files by British Telecom. (Thanks to Dan and Paul for their testing efforts!) And as this is the first file format of a non-Euro zone phone company which Rechnungs Checker supports, it meant I had to review the support for non-Euro currencies in the application. And while I was pleased to discover that I actually programmed everything in a way to support arbitrary currencies from the start, I was less pleased to discover that this didn’t actually work.

Luckily the fix for that wasn’t too complicated and Rechnungs Checker should support and correctly display any currency you may wish to use now.

Number formatter options for localisation in Interface Builder I am pretty sure this failure of the application didn’t exist initially and that Interface Builder has a bug in its settings for number formatters which caused this problem to begin with. Essentially I couldn’t figure out how to make Interface Builder localise the display reliably (which I think is due to a bug in Interface Builder when your preferred currency isn’t $), so I had to throw in a few lines of Objective-C to do that job…

Oh, and the new version remains a clean and pure PowerPC binary. While it was tempting to just click that checkbox in XCode and go for a fat binary, I figured it isn’t worth the effort. Performance is pretty much irrelevant for Rechnungs Checker to begin with, nobody has actually asked for that improvement and – most importantly – we don’t have any Intel based Mac at our disposal to actually test the Intel binary on. While I’d be optimistic that it’s just the same as on a proper PowerPC Mac, publishing an application that you haven’t even tested once seems like something that Apple can do but which is just wrong for mere mortals…

March 5, 2006, 0:02

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