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Soup dinner

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During previous dinners we observed that you can make very nice soups. And over time the idea to have dinner consisting entirely of soups came up. But somehow that didn’t happen for a long time… until tonight.

After some preliminary planning and a shopping trip me made and ate a four course meal of soups.

Miso soup

To start off with we had a classic miso soup. I quite like it and despite the initial reservations many people have because of its colour and smell, most people end up liking it as well. Apart from the special taste, other good things about miso soup are that it’s quite easy and fast to make.

The super-easy way is to buy some readymade miso soup pase and just add water. But even the easy way isn’t too bad: You’ll just need some fish stock (だし), miso paste – and possibly a bit of mirin (味醂) and soy sauce for extra flavour – for the broth. Then you can add some solids to it and you’re done.

You’re quite free in your choice of vegetables, tofu, fish or other things to put in the soup. That gives you all the flexibility and tastes you want. We went for some strange green plant from the sea (hm, don’t even know the name of that) and prawns. Unfortunately the latter were affordably deep-frozen and a bit tasteless, so we ended up enjoying the soup as it was and cheating [in the ‘soups only, please’ sense] a bit by quickly frying the prawns with some garlic, chili and oil to have a little amuse-goeule between the courses.

Miso soup

Artichoke soup

Empty bowls from the artichoke soup Next up was a cold artichoke soup with pureed aubergines and cream. It was nice, thick and creamy with the artichoke taste being rather subtle. Everybody was still hungry at this stage and we finished eating it before we remembered to take a photo. Hm. I thought that the soup was suprisingly filling and rich.

Chorizo soup

I came across this recipe when flipping through one of my Jamie Oliver cook books recently. The recipe starts off with saying how this soup tastes much better than it looks. Just the ingredients sounded very promising, starting with finely chopped chorizo sausages and adding the goodnesses of chickpeas, spinach and tomatoes among other things.

The soup turned out really nicely. Well enough, in fact, that I managed to forget how spicy it was and had to have a second helping. A surprising – but very good – twist in the recipe was to serve some finely sliced hard-boiled egg and a dash of olive oil on top the soup.

It was very rich and filling as well and not everyone was still hungry enough to actively look forward to the last course of the meal.

Photo of the chorizo soup

Vanilla Soup

But I was looking forward to the last course. Because, well, dessert just happens to be one of my favourite courses. We had a simple vanilla soup. Technically this was probably just thinnish custard. Properly made with real vanilla, though. And that made it really nice and tasty. When you’re mostly using artificial vanilla sugar or aromas, having the real thing once in a while can be quite a revelation.

This was topped off with some plums in the soup and some biscuits to dip into it.

The vanilla soup


March 30, 2006, 1:33

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