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It was a public holiday in Germany today. And I didn’t do much more than eat. First I met Gandalf for breakfast. Which was nice although the service was terribly slow. I really dislike that, particularly when your coffee is served right away and you have to wait for another half an hour for the food to arrive. As the place isn’t so rabidly commercial that I’d think they do this to sell more coffees, I am more tempted to blame this on incompetence. As having more than one coffee in the morning makes me a bit nervous (oddly, I am more comfortable with coffe in the evening than in the morning), I wouldn’t have wanted another one anyway.

Then, a quick trip home for joyful activities such as dumping the glass and paper at the recycling container and cleaning the bathroom which it was my turn to do… particularly as my parents were coming over next. And soon after they arrived – leaving some coffee and tea from my favourite tea store in Bremen – we went for lunch. A pizza in the best pizza place in town. The pizzas there are so thin and crisp whith just thinly layered toppings of ham cheese and fresh veg, baked in a fired oven. Fantastic. Fantastic enough to live with the ever-so-non-slight unfriendlyness of the staff. At least this time they had a reason to be upset as we ended up being the last people when they wanted to close. They were still seeing the absolute need of having an espresso after the meal, though.

Then I came home to bake a cake – another apple and rhubarb cake. And it looked absolutely fantastic. Perfectly golden on top rather than the slightly burned variants I often have otherwise. Unfortunately it was a bit underbaked on the inside. And then, after some time of contemplating of selling my iBook on eBay, throw in some extra Euros and get a new MacBook with a larger screen, I went to meet with friends for a great meal of asparagus, ham and home-made sauce Hollandaise. The cake served as half the dessert after the meal. The other half was a Hefezupfkuchen. A fun yeast cake for which you split up the dough in little balls which are rolled in molten butter and then in cinnamon before being reassembled in a cake tin. This gives you a somewhat fluffy cake with a lot of nice cinnamon taste everywhere. It’s also easy to break pieces off for eating.

Hmmmmm, gluttony.


Apple Rhubarb Cake

May 26, 2006, 0:00

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Comment by Shelly: User icon

Pleaaaaaaase explain to us how to make this beautiful cake! I see lots of pictures of apple cake with those pretty little slits, but I can’t find a recipe for one.

May 15, 2007, 20:49

Comment by ssp: User icon

Try this one

May 16, 2007, 0:18

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