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Those were two busy days. From time wasted at the doctor’s, to giving a talk to a number of parties with meeting many old friends and the excesses that go with that, to a day with constantly circling helicopters above town and thousands of policepeople invading it to protect that Nazi demonstration (and I didn’t even see it on the evening news after the state spent millions on that). Too much to go into, really. Just that I was happy to finish this off with a big barbecue at home tonight and then watching a a new Glenn Gould documentary by Bruno Monsaingeon and having some time for myself.

While he looks scarily freaky in the last recordings, Glenn Gould always seems to very modern to me. Particularly when it comes to the concert vs. recording question. Would he like iPods? I’d guess so. And did he say anything about rock and pop music and how the difference between a concert and the recording plays out there? Haven’t seen anything by him about that topic.

May 13, 2006, 23:48

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