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I’ve been a memeber of the German TeX User’s group DANTE for ages – more than a decade by now (so go ahead and point out to me that I could have easily bought a copy of Word or three from my membership fees to support a ‘free’ tool). And being a member means that you get quarterly mailings with the magazine and frequently some little extra goodie. Often that goodie is a CD (well recently more a set of CDs or a DVD) with major parts or all of the CTAN server on it which comes handy for the times when there isn’t a fast internet connection nearby.

With the last mailing we got the notes from last year’s EuroTeX meeting – which had both Donald E. Knuth and Hermann Zapf as special guests. And as an extra goodie there were cute little TeX stickers included. The tiny one of them is shiny!

Two TeX stickers

Bonus link: Interesting slides for the font geek.

May 19, 2006, 0:25

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