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No MacBook arrived – Apple decided to revise the estimated delivery date to Monday or Tuesday (12th or 13th) after it had been first 7th-9th, then 12th, then 13th, then 12th, then 8th… but I guess this time it’ll work, not only because we’re heading for the worst-case scenario anyway, but because there finally is a named delivery service and a working tracking number which shows my parcel is still in the Netherlands.

Instead of the MacBook, the football tournament arrived and this country went even more crazy than it had been before. People put flags up on their balconies, half of the population running around in German team T-shirts or other fan-ware, there even were people sitting in German flag coloured chairs on campus at lunchtime.

Then the tournament started and the German team won their first match. People screamed and would still drive around blowing their cars’ horns hours later. Apparently the German team’s opponent, Costa Rica, isn’t the strongest of all teams, but hey. Of course I didn’t let any of the opportunities slip to quote a recent article which equated the German team’s football to masturbation: nobody would want to watch but it gets the job done.

Of course this went down extremely well with the fans I’m sharing my air with and they’re even more determined to keep the football decoration they’ve set up in flat now. I think we have three tournament tables now: one on the fridge, one on top of the telly (the nice one with little flags to stick in, in my flatmates’ dreams the final will be Germany vs England – but don’t mention the war!) and one in the bathroom that can be read when sitting on the toiled. Add to this a poster of the German players, a German ‘flag’ like we had for the Olympics, a photo of a female TV sports anchor (who looks good to football fans), a table of the results of the past world championships and a little stealth game calendar beneath the kitchen sink which my flatmate can conveniently read when sitting on ‘his’ chair… crazy.

A number of photos of football paraphernalia

There’s a larger version of this at flickr and a more detailed, annotated one as well.

June 10, 2006, 0:32

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