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With all the hot weather throughout the past weeks, it was refreshing to have actual rain this afternoon. We did have some short showers before, but those were so feeble that they just made the air more humid instead of cooling it down. The downside of this refreshing rain was that we had planned to go out for dinner to the Graf Isang restaurant which Birgit had discovered. It’s situated right at the Seeburger See and the plan was to sit outside, right at the water.

But while that specific plan had to be scrapped, we still went ahead with the basic idea and just sat inside instead. We didn’t really know what to expect as we had heard both that the restaurant is rather fancy and that it is affordable. And – luckily – it turned out that both points were true: While we ended up paying about twice as much as we would have paid in a cheap restaurant in Göttingen, the food also was twice as good. I.e the food quality scaled rather well with the price. Which meant there could be desserts as well!

We had fried tuna which was said to be great – no dryness at all in there and some lemongrass for flavour and couscous on the side -, a whole fried gilthead and I couldn’t resist ordering Tafelspitz, a somewhat traditional dish which is basically boiled beef and comes with a horseradish sauce. In fact, there also was some freshly ground horseradish on top. And after a short argument with the waitress I could swap the potatoes that were supposed to come with it for the fennel and tomato they had with another dish. She didn’t think I should have no ‘Stärkebeilage’ at all with my meal. But hey, I hate potatoes and I quite like fennel, so there I went…

We really enjoyed the meal and the location as well. Both because of the lake and the restaurant’s simple but still somewhat fancy design. I quite liked the writing they used for their signs and the rather friendly sign they put up at the non-smoking area:

Non-smoking zone sign

Uh, and the toilets were fun as well. Not only were they in really good shape and had hot air hand dryers that actually blew the air quickly enough to dry your hands in less than eternal time frames. They also had really fun urinals… I already loved those in Schipohl airport with a little fly printed into them which apparently improves toiled cleanliness, but these were much more playful, containing a football goal with a little ball inside that was attached by a string and thus movable…

Urinal with a football goal inside

It’s in the middle of the night now and we may just see the temperatures drop below 20°C before sunrise.

July 28, 2006, 1:18

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