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Some stupid law…

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… apparently forces restaurants to only serve severely hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. As usual ‘health reasons’ are the excuse for that. So it’s all safe and sound but doesn’t taste good.

Ah well, at least I had some Träubletorte by my mum later on and then steak for dinner with a fantastic creamy, crispy, smooth, sweet and sour dessert (with plenty of raw eggs in there) before I had to drive back home.

Fantastic dessert!

Sunday evening is the perfect time for driving. It’s not hot anymore, there’s not a lot of traffic and – most significantly – lorries are not allowed to go on Sundays, meaning that they don’t block half of the Autobahn and render driving into a stressful experience. Without them you can easily go 140 or so in the slow lane, see the fast people zapping by on the left at the speed of sound. Using the opportunity (ah, well, PR talk here with ‘opportunity’ meaning the radio only has a tape deck and no way to hook up the iPod…) to listen to the radio once more, I enjoyed the Offener Kanal (‘open channel’, where anybody can in principle have a show) of Bremen.

It’s really strange how you can immediately tell that you’re not listening to commercial radio. It’s not just the lack of brain-dead jingles. It’s also the choice of music. It just sounds as if someone on the other end actually cared about the music (as music rather than as some statistical commercial entity, that is). And after playing Arcade Fire, I was even able to tolerate some strange teenie-rock stuff.

After driving out of their range, I tuned into BFBS again, listening to some heavy stuff at first and enjoying comments like … enjoyed these eight minutes of double bass before progressing to their Underground show again which I had discovered last month. Unfortunately I drove out of their range as well while they were playing some Syd Barrett and I couldn’t find the station on another frequency as I moved on (which may be due to my incapability of actually doing manual tuning with the car radio’s buttons).

July 31, 2006, 0:58

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Comment by d.w.: User icon

Only hard boiled eggs? Yikes, nanny state gone wild. I don’t know if it’s a regulation or just some legal cya, but restaurants here usually have a sign posted or a notice in the menu that says something like “consuming raw or undercooked meat and eggs can cause foodborne illness”, but they’ll still let you order your eggs sunnyside up…

July 31, 2006, 3:57

Comment by ssp: User icon

Hehe, nice one!

I’m pretty sure it’s due to some CYA stuff … and possibly because it’s just harder to boil eggs so they’re soft to the right degree. (Of course you could have fried eggs as well, but I think fried eggs for breakfast are more a thing of English-speaking countries, so most of the breakfasts you can order will come with a boiled egg.)

Thanks for the ISS post card!

July 31, 2006, 11:11

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