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Cleaning out…

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Yikes! I spent all day cleaning my room and the rest of the flat (my turn, grrr…), getting rid of the recyclables and packing together the stuff in my office. We’ve been kicked out of our office for the benefit of some more important people and now we have to move. As I’ve always tried to keep all my uni stuff in the office rather than at home, this turned out to be an bigger project than anticipated as I have a tremendous amount of stuff in my office. Of course packing all this up and made me come across many old things which mostly didn’t work out and it was all a bit depressing. I had also grown the habit to put any postcards I receive up on the wall there to make the place look more lively. Removing those shiny bits of goodness from Cape Town to Yokohama, from San Diego to Riga was a shame and now the place looks horribly dull. And then I saw that I couldn’t move my stuff to the new office today which I had hoped to do because it’s behind the library and and it seemed a good idea to do all the carrying and cursing outside its opening ours on a Sunday. Bummer…

Somewhat exhausted now without having done anything interesting.

September 18, 2006, 0:33

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