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After all these weeks of festivals, weddings and visits, I finally got around to going out once more yesterday night. It’s really strange how one can consider getting into a slightly overheated smelly basement room to be a comfortably familiar experience.

When you get in, they always stamp your hand and do in fact make the effort to find or create a different stamp each time. This time I discovered that I could read ‘support PETA’ on my hand… which pissed me off a little as those PETA people can really be on the annoying side and I certainly don’t want to support them.

On the other hand, if they wanted to refer to the People for Eating of Tasty Animals, I’d be all for it…

On a more geeky note, a while back John Gruber wrote a novel-length treatment on the potential attacks on MacBooks via wireless networking devices and their software. While John put a remarkable amount of work into it, I found that kind silly. Not because he’s wrong, but because anything he spells out in great detail boils down to the obvious facts that

And altogether this gives us the situation where they may or may not be a problem which some people may or may not have explored in depth and others may or may not have reported about knowledgeably while the vendors of the devices which may or may not be affected by the problem may or may not have been notified of it and as a consequence may or may not be in denial about it.

So all of this just looks like an enormous void to me. What’s the point of even discussing it?

And thus I find Gruber’s follow-up much more convincing: Conquer his MacBook with the alleged exploit and then keep it. It’s easy to understand and there are no long-winded and unnecessarily polite discussions about possibilites, dangers and so on. I like the idea. Although I don’t like the fact that some independent person has to do this…

September 2, 2006, 13:46

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