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Pimped With Buttons

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Yay, such a nice way to pimp up the MacBook

MacBook with plenty of Band Buttons stuck to it.

[Pimp My MacBook] pool on Flickr.

… we did our first multi-person video chat this afternoon. Not that we needed to discuss anything (and the technology doesn’t make the impression to be working well and smooth enough to actually rely on this for anything important), so it was double the fun. We even managed to go up to four people in the conference. But with at least two of the participants only having 128kbit/s upload on their DSL lines, it took a few attempts to establish the connections properly. And of course the image quality wasn’t too good with such low data rates.

Still a lot of fun, particularly when running across the flat with the computer and getting random flatmates to say hello to everybody…

September 3, 2006, 0:02

Tagged as macbook, macbook pimping.

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