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Pinot Noir

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It was time to say goodbye to another friend tonight. And we did it with a barbecue in his garden… and in style. To simplify the move, we helped emptying a number of bottles from the wine cellar. And to make things more interesting, there was a lineup of all the different shades of Pinot Noir he had from his parents’ vineyard. Ranging from 1997 when they first tried making red wine (which is a bit unusual for Germany both culturally and because of the weather) to 2004.

And in that broad range there were plenty of things to discover. Good years (2003 once more! and surprisingly 1999) and bad years, years when they bought new wooden barrels for the wine, causing a stronger wooden or vanilla flavour in the wine and different techniques they used for making the wine. Interesting, tasty and enjoyable.

Eight bottles of pinot noir on a table

September 28, 2006, 1:26

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