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I had another trip to my orthopaedist today. Somehow my foot bent over in a bad way a few weeks back and rather than just going away the pain from that just stayed around, so I – grudgingly – decided to see a doctor about it…

Of all the doctors, orthopaedists are probably the least competent (heck I’ve even heard other doctors joke about them). Their standard approach to pretty much any problem seems to be to first recommend just relaxing and not using whatever body part is hurting and offering some pain medication if the pain is really bad. I haven’t yet gotten the impression that they actually know what the problem is or how to fix it. Sure, medicine is an art rather than a science, but this is going a bit too far. Particularly with the practitioners posing as demi-gods in white nonetheless (and charging accordingly of course).

My choice of orthopaedic practice in town a few years back was a simple one. There was one practice which everybody said had the hottest assistants running around (true back then, not so true these days unfortunately)… and with four doctors being there it’s also easier to get an appointment within a reasonable timeframe there. Perhaps I’m underestimating the personal doctor-patient-bonding when saying that I’m happy to switch doctors if it gives me a more convenient appointment. But I consider it illusory to think that a doctor who I’m seeing once or twice a year for five minutes will actually remember me or my problems the next year. He’ll just read them off his computer screen – and even with all my prejudices against doctors in fully working order I’ll grant each one of them that they are able to read things off a computer screen. So one of them is as good as the other, at least for my simple problems.

However things aren’t quite as simple. Because every time I go there I walk out with yet another kind of deformation on my body and feel even more like a complete wreck than I did before. And it’s not that these are new problems but rather problems which they’ll explain to ‘just happen’ when you’re growing up and which thus must have been there for many years. So why, why, WHY exactly didn’t the smartasses discover all those problems the very first time I went there? It’s not that those are uncommon problems or they need tests other than looking to spot them.

I find that infuriating. How am I supposed to have any trust in those people this way?

September 22, 2006, 0:05

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