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Usually very little happens in the mornings. The newspaper and the milk will have been delivered long before anybody gets up. The most exciting thing that could happen is the delivery of a parcel – the postman tends too come too late… and then this morning the bell rang thrice. First it was the postman coming by unusually early, then it was the ‘express’ postman and the third time it were Jehova’s witnesses dropping by.

And their old lady didn’t just ring the outer doorbell but had already made it inside the house and was now ringing the bell standing right in front of our apartment. I thought that goes a bit too far, I mean it’s not that we asked them to contact us and thus they shouldn’t do anything more intrusive than dropping something into our mailbox.

Their clever plan of course is to always send these old and polite ladies around. And as polite old ladies go, most people have been brought up to be on their best behaviour when meeting them. So they won’t receive a handful of shouted abuse as any useless uninvited morning intruder would deserve. But instead my foolish self will take a copy of their little leaflet (which is currently distributed to households worldwide, smile, wish them a nice day and go back to breakfast.

Of course that got me thinking. Not about the Jesus stuff, mind you, but about whether Jehova’s witnesses really are just a bunch of christian weirdos wanting to improve the world or whether that army of old ladies with their worldwide leaflets isn’t more of a big global scam. After all if they manage to get all those god-fearing old ladies to spend countless hours (and their dignity?) for this, then the cost of getting their spam around isn’t much higher than sending e-mails is. And with both the ‘personal’ touch and the lack of automatic spam filters for these kinds of contacts, you’d guess that conversion rates could be higher than with internet spam (although Jehova’s Witnesses probably won’t offer to improve some of your body parts, so their merchandise is arguably less appealing)…. and with all that whatever they are doing should be a highly profitable business for someone.

And while on the topic of popularity… it’s also the day for happy birthday wishes for the iPod. It has become an excessively popular device. Back when it was introduced I thought both cool! and too expensive!. Perhaps not too expensive for what it gave you – considering that the little hard drives were said to be really pricey back then, but too expensive for my use of it. While I loved the idea of having all my music with me – the iPod just didn’t do that trick because my iTunes library had already exceeded 5GB by then.

Luckily time solved that problem and hit a sweet spot for me with the 40GB iPod. When I got mine my music library was around 20GB and I figured I’d need some room to grow… and I have exceeded that room ever since I moved my music library to a large external drive and got around to doing a complete rip of my CDs.

While I still love the idea of having all my music with me, I also found that once I passed 20GB of music on the iPod, navigation through that endless list of artists started feeling a bit clumsy and slow. So these days I’m wondering whether a large iPod nano might not be a better option. Particularly since they have the additional benefit of being light and small.

October 23, 2006, 23:59

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