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The internet is full of spam these days. And each day I will find dozens, if not hundreds, of spam comments that have been made on my site (which thanks to Movable Type’s crappy comment handling take much more work to handle than they should). I tend to skim through the list of spam comments to see whether there are false positives which shouldn’t be deleted. The most efficient way to do that seems to be looking at the names of the posters which usually give spammers away immediately.

And I keep feeling stupid when reading them. I know hardly any of the drugs they want to advertise, I know at most half of the celebrities that can be seen nude, I fail to understand why there seems to be a big market for pissing, I don’t want to advertise porn (neither straight nor gay) on my site and I do not approve of Bush – so none of those wonderful comments, which rarely fail to at lease mildly praise the sheer brilliance of these pages is actually seen by my readers.

As I don’t want to be a totally nasty censor, I’ll provide you with a list of last weeks commenters (ignoring duplicates). And one of them even commented on topic!

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November 9, 2006, 0:23


Comment by fet: User icon

Have you tried Akismet? It has caught tens of thousands of spams on my blogs, and it makes dealing with them a lot easier than the default WordPress comment handling stuffs.

I know how you feel; I try to glance through my e-mail and comment spam, just to make sure nothing obviously legitimate is getting caught. And I almost always end up feeling awful at having to look at this kind of thing in my daily life, and knowing that, say, my mom or my sister or my nieces and nephews probably have to deal with it now and then too.

November 9, 2006, 23:36

Comment by ssp: User icon

Thanks for the Akismet hint… I loathe fiddling with my MT installation and thus haven’t dared to install it so far. I gave it a try now but I’m not sure it’s working. Apparently I need to enter an API key somewhere but I cannot see any setting where I can actually enter it (just a non-editable note about the plugin being there in the global settings).

In addition, I doubt that Akismet will solve the built-in idiocies of Movabe Type’s comment handling. If MT could do the two simple things that are (1) automatically publish comments from people whose e-mail address in a list I define and (2) automatically delete rather than junk comments which are without doubt spam (or contain certain keywords), I’d be fairly happy.

Having those features would give regulars the instant gratification they deserve when leaving comments (with the bonus of having my own comments instantly published as well) and it would filter out the vast majority of spam that’s coming in. I’ll go an dream on now…

November 12, 2006, 18:54

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