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Moved my travel to the parents’ to today because it was getting late. While everything was crazy full with people I still managed to get a seat on both trains just fine – the benefit of using slow local trains (for free with my student ID – better than flying to Heathrow anyway…). After arriving at exactly at the same time as my brother did (who also was just in time but who had to sit in the stinky smokers’ section), we went ‘home’ and have since been overly taken care of by my parents. There was cake in the afternoon and osso buco for dinner. And as a bonus we were treated to the latest gossip about neighbours and classmates. Which I could hardly care less for. Next we’ll have to try and stop my mum from sending those expensive SMS messages to the commercial-break questions they put on at Who wants to be a millionaire…

Enjoy one of the last treats of my advent calendar:

Chocolate snowman on advent calendar

And, uh, I forgot to pack my toothbrush!

December 23, 2006, 23:50

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