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Die Grönholm Methode

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For a change we went to the theatre this weekend (I had a number of bad impressions of theatre in Göttingen over the years, so I am not usually that keen to go). They played a piece called Die Grönholm Methode which was really good. A really simple setup, played tightly and making two hours pass quickly: The whole piece takes place in a single room with just four actors playing. The situation is an application process for some managerial position and as people arrive it turns out that they are all applicants for the same job. The door is locked and through a hole in the wall they receive tasks to work on – exhibiting all sorts of power play behaviour in the process.

The first task is given by the fact that one of the applicants is a fake and they should try to figure out who it is. That put enough distrust in the scene to get the piece going for a high powered and entertaining show that dealt with a number of rather critical points in human and business behaviour at the same time. And after several more games of power play, you get the impression that everybody is pretty much crushed and that you don’t want to find yourself in a similar situation.

We are not looking for a good guy who can behave like an asshole – we are looking for an asshole who can behave like a nice guy.

[Looks like the story this is based on has been turned into a film as well.]

January 22, 2007, 18:28

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