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Lab time!

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Another photo-lab print making session today. One that loads of prints came out of once more. I did some silly prints on the long roll paper I got, I solarised my brother – in different ways even and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to figure out how to reproduce the respective results –, mostly used the old style paper I bought in batch a while ago once more but couldn’t help noting once more that it can make getting reasonable contrast on mid-tone greys tricky, also used the snowman on a number of the prints once more and the edges of the transparency I drew it on are badly visible on some of the prints.

Unfortunately I managed to push my stack of freshly made prints off the table while cleaning up and they ended up all over the dusty floor… no severe damage done by that but things are a bit dusty now unfortunately. And we discussed our final project which we’ll start next time: Using some liquid photo gelatine on boards or canvas and make a print on there. We’ve already been told that despite the effort we have to put in these things easily end up going wrong. So I’m both looking forward to it and trying to to have anticipations that are too high. My current idea is to print this photo in its original 3:2 aspect ratio on a 24×18 canvas, leaving a 1cm blank at the top and bottom. I’m not quite sure whether I should go for straight edges or try and paint them roughly yet.

print of some negatives with frame on a long and narrow strip of photo paper.

Uh, and it’s friggin’ cold outside. Riding the bike to the lab and back gave me frozen fingers – even when wearing gloves.

January 25, 2007, 0:11

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