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Late last year I saw this photo on flickr – a long exposure time shot of guitar playing – that I wanted to do a similar one myself. The idea of all this being to capture the motion of playing the guitar in the shot. This proved to be somewhat non-trivial in number of ways as you have to work with really little light to not overexpose a shot that lasts almost ten seconds. It also requires the guitar player to not only be really good at playing the guitar without moving it so much but in addition it’s helpful to concentrate on playing things which look rather than sound good.

While I got a few nice digital shots out of this, those were actually meant to be no more than a tool to help me judge the exposure settings for the analogue shots I wanted to do. But unfortunately I hadn’t taken into consideration the Schwarzschild effect (aka reciprocity failure) that needs to be compensated when doing long exposures (by doing even longer exposures instead with the time for that varying from film to film – no such effect exists for digital sensors of course – uh, and amusingly Schwarzschild worked just down the road from where I live later in his career.) and that left me with a bunch of underexposed negatives.

So we needed to give this another try, which we did tonight. Let’s hope things worked all right this time. The whole delay of having to wait until the film is full and then developing it can be a bit frustrating. Which is why we went for some digital shots as well…

My flatmate playing the guitar with a huge shadow behind him

February 14, 2007, 0:32

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