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Just by gut-feeling, not by Googling, – where does this quote come from?

This casual but legible face has proved very popular with a wide variety of people.

Oh and backup-backup-backup. What else can I say? My flatmate lost his music library including his bought iTMS songs due to Windows destroying his hard drive last year. Another friend lost a month’s worth of work on his dissertation today because his ten year old worthless Dell laptop was stolen. And I am hearing stories of people being really lucky to save their data in time when their hard drives began ‘sounding strange’ more and more frequently.

With my data losses so far have been moderate: Two images from back in the Atari days which I recently wanted to use and which turned out to be broken all the way back to a diskette from 1998 that I managed to locate. One of my favourite theatere poster and booklet projects (for Waiting for Godot) that I did for a friend and colleague during my civil service. Those files were saved in his folder on the office computer and they ran out of disk space while I was on holiday… The original TeX files for a signal processing assignment due to a – ahem – careless combination of the rm command and the * character on my part. (Only later I learned that the university did actually back up our accounts.) Apart from other occasional data losses owed to stupidity (trashing or overwriting files), I have been spared so far. Touching wood. And backing up…

And a surprising number of people seem to find my iTunes 7.1 post these days because neither they nor iTunes backed up their music library before iTunes applied its new sort order improvement strategy. No fun. (Particularly as I seem to remember that iTunes used to be quite good at creating backups of the music library before doing significant upgrades to the data).

March 14, 2007, 23:53

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