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This morning there was an article in the paper that I found quite annoying. Someone happened to sit in the same compartment in the train as Elfriede Jelinek – and then decided to write this long article (useless German subscriber only link) about this. Jelinek with her literature Nobel Prize is probably a celebrity in the arty-farty department as far they’d admit to have celebrities there. And from the press coverage that happened when she got the prize it seems pretty safe to assume that she’d be much prefer not attracting the attention of strangers on the train.

Which the article’s author knew and thus didn’t actually speak to her for the hours of their common journey. Instead she wrote this long article detailing almost every movement of Mrs Jelinek during the time. Detailing on how she ate a sandwich and what book she read. I thought that’s going too far. We are not talking about a publicity seeking ‘celebrity’ here but a person who is pretty much the opposite of that. And we are not talking about some paparazzo hunting her down but about some other artist who happened to cross her way. Finally this wasn’t a quick note in the ‘panorama’ column of the paper but an extended article in the arts section. Yikes!

The only thing amusing me in this context is that after complaining about that article to my flatmate this morning, he told me that late night comedian Harald Schmidt took the piss of this in his show tonight.

March 2, 2007, 1:02

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